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Neil accomplised investigations with unusually high enthusiasm and thoroughness. His documentation skills are above average and there was never a concern with any financial irregularities. Neil is an honest accomplished investigator with an excellent disposition.

Francis Christopher Hall, CPP, PCI


Neil Harrison
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Plant Evidence
By: Neil ~ 9/16/2017


Bribery & Corruption
By: Neil Harrison ~ 5/18/2017

Most bribery and corruption schemes begin with gifts and favors.

Commonly encountered items include: Wine and liquor (consumables), Clothes and jewelry for the recipient or spouse, etc.

Other items or services could be;
- Sexual favors
- Lavish entertainment
- Paid vacations or 'business trips'
- Free transportation on corporate jets
- Free use of resort facilities
- Gifts of the briber’s inventory or services, such as construction of home improvements by a contractor, etc.

Remember, these types of 'unexpected' gifts to a spouse can also be indicators of guilt.