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Neil uncovered fraud and hidden assets during my recent divorce proceedings, finding over $450,000.00 in hidden assets and accounts. Neil is an honest accomplished investigator with an excellent reputation.

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Neil Harrison
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Karma will get you
By: Neil Harrison ~ 12/9/2018

Karma will get you....

    A couple concerned for their grandchilds safety, had concerns for the child while in the fathers care and control during court ordered visitations. 

    Their daughter (child's mother) had made multiple allegations of the fathers assaultive behavior, had convinced them that the father was endangering the child, and assured them that the father was exercising his visitation rights only to take their business venture away from her.

    An initial background check was conducted showing the father had a history of a few minor traffic violations and an assault from his late teen years. It was determined that surveillance should be conducted on the father, to gather evidence of any endangerment and/or wrongdoing, while in custody of the child.

    After 4 weeks of surveillance we had not been able to observe any wrongdoing, in fact, the father exhibited exemplary behavior with the child, and was frequently observed playing with the child outdoors, and taking the child out to lunch at restaurants. The child always appeared to be well fed, clean clothed, and happy.

    The mother and the client were unhappy with the outcome and promptly fired us, refusing to pay our invoice.

    Fast forward to a few months later where, after multiple family court hearings, the father and child and I had become friends.  I had also been contacted by an insurance firm investigating a potentially fraudulent personal injury and wage loss claim from..... you guessed it..... the same angry mother!

    Prior to accepting the assignment we obtained a legal opinion that as 'private investigators for hire' we were not bound by the same conflict of interest rules as attorneys, and therefore were free to accept the assignment from the insurance firm.... so we did.

    After conducting an in depth background check on the mother, interviewing witnesses, and conducting surveillance, we found that the mother had filed multiple (unfounded) criminal complaints against the father for stalking, for theft, firearms offenses, and drug offenses.  We discovered she was working under the table full time, and was also selling their joint business assets and client list to a competitor for cash.

    We also learned that the child's father was recently approached by 2 large men (in black leather vests) at a local pub who threatened him to either stay away from the child and the mother..... or else bad things would happen.

    Late the following evening I was awoken by a loud banging on the front door, and found two plainclothes police officers there, wanting to talk to me about my investigation into the mother. It turns out they were from from an inter-agency gang task force, and were requesting our assistance in dealing with the father in relation to a credible threat against him.

    Our investigation also determined that the mother had taken her initial injury claim settlement funds, and used her relationship with a close relative (also a black leather vest wearer) to arrange to have the father killed after the next visitation day. We later determined this had all been captured on tape, and even had descriptions of the guns to be used, the location, and the day and time of the hit. 

    Out of concern for public safety and in an attempt to warn off the mother, the officers had even pulled over the mother and told her they knew what she was planning and to call it off. The mother promptly drove home and phoned the close relative telling him that the police had stopped her, and told her they knew what she was planning to do..... of course, this too was recorded.

    So the next day the father, the child, and I went to breakfast, under the watchful eyes of our protection detail while warrants were simultaneously executed at the mothers residence, the two hitmen's residences, and at the close relatives residence.


    After a 2 week trial, the two hitmen plead guilty, confessed and expressed deep remorse for their actions, and were sentenced to a minimum term in prison,

    The mother plead not guilty and was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder at trial, where she offered no apology,  expressed no remorse, and was sentenced to the maximum term in prison.

    The child and his father moved to another jurisdiction and are happily living their lives.

If only we could all just get along....... stay tuned for more!