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My fellow investigative professionals,

For over 25 years, and across three countries, I have been searching for (and have spent thousands of dollars on) the definitive case management toolbox that can be adapted to any and every type of investigation.

As a result I have had to develop my own......

....... and now we introduce you to "CASE TRAX©", the only case management system you will ever need to professionally investigate, document, and report your investigative efforts.

CASE TRAX© features include the following;

  • stand alone 'offline' system
  • works with both MAC and PC
  • sample investigative checklists
  • investigative "best practices"
  • use for civil & criminal cases
  • use on the road or in the office
  • excellent training tools
  • no internet/cloud connection required
  • Word/Excel, Pages/Numbers, and PDF
  • sample forms and documents
  • ethics "best practices"
  • use for plaintiff and defense cases
  • no license or registration required
  • investigative & management tools

No matter if you are an experienced investigator with your own agency, or if you are just starting out, you will find that CASE TRAX©, at only $199.00 USD, pays for itself after the very first file, and includes bonus investigative links and additional investigative training resource. 



Thank you for using the CASE TRAX© case management system, and we are sure it will serve you well.

Neil Harrison CAI CPI