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All attendees will be either licensed private investigators (any state), or active duty law enforcement, or at a minimum have completed the Washington State private investigator pre-assignment training course.


Criminal Defense Investigator                                                     (1 day course)     $495.00/pp

From initial file intake, through the discovery process, through Omnibus (including pre-trial motions), and on to Readiness.........

....... this course will prepare you for a rewarding career in the field of criminal defense and as a public defense investigator.

Attendees will be capable of managing and conducting effective criminal defense investigations for public defense agencies and/or for law firms in Washington state

Some of the topics covered are;

     Professional Conduct and Ethics, Primary Defense Theories, Rights and Responsibilities when

     Interviewing Witnesses, Case Management and Summary, Court Rules and Process,Trial

     Preparation, Basic Pre-trial Hearings and Cites, Reference Resources

Attendees will receive sample forms, interview questions, and current case cites.

This course can be adapted and modified on a state-by-state basis.

General Investigations & Techniques                                         (2 day course)     $895.00/pp

From the scene of the crime through presenting your information to a client, and/or testifying in court........

........ this course will enable you to pursue all areas of private investigation, from the skills and techniques needed, to sample business forms and guides to help you become a more successful professional investigator.

Attendees will receive a customized series of class instruction and modules  designed to enhance  their current service offerings to their clients.

Attendees will become adept in the following categories, and may request their own specific fields/areas of interest at the time of registering for the class;

     Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance, Interviewing Skills, Wrongful Deaths, Crime Scenes, Missing

     Persons, Background Checks, Asset Locations, Personal Injury, Police Misconduct, Report Writing,

     Case Management, Statement and Report Analysis, Court Rules, Evidence Rules, and much more.

Attendees will receive sample forms, interview questions, and updated case cites.

Interviewing Skills & Techniques                                                 (1 day course)     $495.00/pp

Whether you are impeaching a suspect , analyzing a victims statement, interviewing law enforcement, or interviewing an involved witness........

....... this course will help you to become more effective through the application of interrogation and interviewing skills, that will help increase your effectiveness in every situation.

Attendees will receive personalized instruction customized to the specific area(s) you request at the time of registration.

This course is a must for any serious professional investigator who wants to brush up on  their skill set,  and add to their toolbox of services offered.




Neil has always gotten the job done in difficult circumstances and has obtained results where other investigators came up short. He is the "go to guy" when it comes to investigations.

Neil Mulholland
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